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On Nail Polish and Roses

I quite like wearing nail polish. My favourite colour, among others, is purple. I sit and chat with my friends at lunch. I like roses, and irises, and rosemary, and cherry blossoms. I like looking at pictures of cute baby … Continue reading

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End of the roll

I am at the end of the roll*. Always have been. Probably always will be. It isn’t really the bane of my life, but it does bug me sometimes. Today, the last day of my primary schooling, I made a … Continue reading

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Teenage Stereotypes

I hate stereotypes more than words can describe. Simply assuming that someone is going to act a certain way, or do a certain thing, because that is what everyone else that is like them in some way is doing doesn’t … Continue reading

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Unimportant headline information

‘Lesbian couple beat dog’ ‘Woman assaults employees’ ‘Indian man murders wife’ See anything wrong with these headlines? With one word taken out or changed, it would mean the same thing, without marginalizing a group. ‘Couple beats dog’ ‘Boss assaults employees’ … Continue reading

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Looking bad from all angles

I saw this story on stuff news: This is absolutely atrocious, that a doctor used his medical knowledge to drug a woman so he could force himself upon her. The next day the doctor told her about the episode … Continue reading

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Nightmare come true drug

A new drug is the subject of a news article on the ‘Ninemsn’ page. The one that comes up when you log out of your hotmail account. A drug that takes your weight away. Why? Why would a website promote … Continue reading

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Minecraft. One game, many sterotypes.

I love mine craft. I’m addicted. Obsessed might be going to bit far, maybe enthralled is a better word. I know many of you probably have no idea what mine craft is, and again, many of you probably don’t care. … Continue reading

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