Looking bad from all angles

I saw this story on stuff news:


This is absolutely atrocious, that a doctor used his medical knowledge to drug a woman so he could force himself upon her.

The next day the doctor told her about the episode as he remembered it, claiming alcohol played a major part but she did not accept it.

Brilliant. The tired old excuse: She was drunk. Being drunk doesn’t give anyone the right to rape anybody! If someone is drunk, they can’t give consent, and in this case, she was drugged against her will, not drunk.

She said after a meal and wine, she sat down with the doctor, and his partner at the time, to watch a movie.

Shortly afterwards his partner went to their bedroom just a few metres from the lounge.

The complainant said that before the end of the film the doctor made a pass at her. “He leaned over to kiss me and I said: `Don’t do that, get away. What are you doing?”‘ she said.

She had already signaled that she didn’t want to have sex, she didn’t want to be touched or kissed at all. So the doctor drugged her. This shows a really, really bad atatude from the doctor, that he felt that he could try and kiss her against her will, and when she protested, drugged her to get his way.

Defence counsel Thomas Sutcliffe described the case as “unusual” because his client had a completely different version of events.

How does that make it unusual? Of course the doctor has a different version of the events!

…the doctor, who has name suppression for the duration of the trial…

Name suppression? I wonder if he would have gotten name suppression if he didn’t have a well-paid job.

This is a horrible story. I can’t imagine the pain this woman is going through, being drugged and raped while she had no way of denying him. Please, please don’t let this man get away with it.


About Ursa

Ursa is a teenager who is a feminist, and doesn't like stereotypes about ages. She likes reading and 'The Gilmore Girls' and is owned by her cat.
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