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I'm a teenager, who is entering a new phase in her life, [high school] and is desperately trying to learn everything she can, about everything she can, [starting with how to blog] and hopefully, will be able to share my experiences with you.

Your Own Kind Of Girl

Chocolate you’ve got chocolate on your mouth, oh you long to be, like the other girls, your not going to be ‘some other girl’ I didn’t realise how hard it is to grow up as a teenager in our society … Continue reading

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Writing about writing

I have had a ‘writers block’ for the past few months, and have had issues with coming up with something to write about. Since I have had a lot of time on my hands lately, I am trying to come … Continue reading

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Teenage Stereotypes

I hate stereotypes more than words can describe. Simply assuming that someone is going to act a certain way, or do a certain thing, because that is what everyone else that is like them in some way is doing doesn’t … Continue reading

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I love youtube

I have learning to play the piano for about 9 months. I love it, it is a really worth while experience learning an instrument, if you can be bothered. One of the ways that I have been learning to play … Continue reading

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Minecraft. One game, many sterotypes.

I love mine craft. I’m addicted. Obsessed might be going to bit far, maybe enthralled is a better word. I know many of you probably have no idea what mine craft is, and again, many of you probably don’t care. … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome

This post is pretty much explained by the tittle, it is just an opportunity to say hello to all our potential readers (who will hopefully remain our readers by the end of this post) and to say welcome to the … Continue reading

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