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On Nail Polish and Roses

I quite like wearing nail polish. My favourite colour, among others, is purple. I sit and chat with my friends at lunch. I like roses, and irises, and rosemary, and cherry blossoms. I like looking at pictures of cute baby … Continue reading

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New school. Again.

This blog started when Lessonstobelearned462 was new at high school. My turn now! I am moving into high school. I am mostly looking forward to being a high school girl. I think it will give me a lot more independence, … Continue reading

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End of the roll

I am at the end of the roll*. Always have been. Probably always will be. It isn’t really the bane of my life, but it does bug me sometimes. Today, the last day of my primary schooling, I made a … Continue reading

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Unimportant headline information

‘Lesbian couple beat dog’ ‘Woman assaults employees’ ‘Indian man murders wife’ See anything wrong with these headlines? With one word taken out or changed, it would mean the same thing, without marginalizing a group. ‘Couple beats dog’ ‘Boss assaults employees’ … Continue reading

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Do somethink!

What is it with adding a ‘k’ at the end of words that should be ‘ing’? The words that are usually robbed of their ‘g’ and replaced with a ‘k’ are something (somethink), anything (anythink), and everything (everythink). Just some … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome

This post is pretty much explained by the tittle, it is just an opportunity to say hello to all our potential readers (who will hopefully remain our readers by the end of this post) and to say welcome to the … Continue reading

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