Nightmare come true drug

A new drug is the subject of a news article on the ‘Ninemsn’ page. The one that comes up when you log out of your hotmail account.

'Dream come true' drug

A drug that takes your weight away. Why? Why would a website promote a drug that shames bodies? How is it a ‘dream come true’? Why would you pressure people into buying a product that is probably no good for them? How can ‘diet’ and ‘nutrition’ be in the same category? A bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think? Why can’t people accept themselves and others the way they are?

In a world full of body hating, we don’t need a ‘dream drug’. We need a new mind set.


Sorry, no link. I lost the page after taking the picture.


About Ursa

Ursa is a teenager who is a feminist, and doesn't like stereotypes about ages. She likes reading and 'The Gilmore Girls' and is owned by her cat.
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