Writing about writing

I have had a ‘writers block’ for the past few months, and have had issues with coming up with something to write about. Since I have had a lot of time on my hands lately, I am trying to come up with blog posts. But for the mean time, I thought I would write about, well, writing.

I love writing. I love the freedom that you have, to create anything that you want. I love how you can convey feelings, and how you can express messages. I love how you can make others think, and how I can make myself think.

I can never really tell good writing from bad. If a writer lacks the basic structure of whatever he or she is writing, it tends to fall apart pretty quickly, but if a writer understands how a piece of writing is supposed to flow, really, I don’t see how anyone could be a bad writer.

I have read quite a few blogs over the past year, none of which I could fault the writing. And I have read quite a few different blogs, not just popular ones. Maybe there are a few common principles that writers haveĀ  in common, especially bloggers. Most blogs that I have read are extremely honest. If you decide to write a blog, you may as well give it your all, I guess. I think a lot of people would underestimate the bravery that requires.

My writing isn’t really like that. I tend to write about things, and give my opinion on it, instead of writing about me. I don’t know whether that is because I’m not brave enough or because writing about me would get very dull very quickly. Probably a bit of both.

Writing is very therapeutic, I take great comfort in it. It reminds me that there is something I can do. That is one of the big things I love about writing, is that anyone can do it. Even if they can’t physically write it down, everyone create something very unique with words. You don’t need to be unbelievably talented.

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End of the roll

I am at the end of the roll*. Always have been. Probably always will be. It isn’t really the bane of my life, but it does bug me sometimes. Today, the last day of my primary schooling, I made a remark about it.

I got a few laughs. The girl who was always at the end of the roll before I came said thanks. Then a sympathetic remark from my teacher.

“Don’t worry (my name), when you get married and change your name, you won’t be at the end of any list.”

Not quite the sympathy I was expecting.

*The roll is the list that is called out in class at the start of the day. It has everybody’s name on it, and the teacher reads out the names, and the person whose name is read out answers with ‘here’ or ‘yes’. If there is no answer, then the student is marked as absent.

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Teenage Stereotypes

I hate stereotypes more than words can describe. Simply assuming that someone is going to act a certain way, or do a certain thing, because that is what everyone else that is like them in some way is doing doesn’t even make logical sense to me. Since turning 13, I get to put up with stereotypes a lot more than what I was used to. It has only been one year since becoming a ”teenager” and I am really, just over it.

I guess it isn’t even that fact that people are telling me why I am acting the way I do, or why I am feeling the way I do, although I do hate that very much, it is the fact that all of these stereotypes are bad. A lot of people expects teenagers to be selfish, out of control, have no sense of boundaries, unable to communicate, have no respect for anyone, and no thought processes. Naturally the list could just keep going on and on, but I figured you would get the idea.

So now so many people expect me, to be like that. I never wish to be that. I am actually really scared of that. Hence the reason that I try to defy every stereotype that I possibly can. It makes me feel like I have some control.

One of my theories as to why some teenagers may have some of the traits I listed above, is because people keep telling them that they are going to turn out that way. Think about it, if people kept telling you something, after a while, you start to believe it.

If society expected teenagers to be unique and diverse, without passing any other form of judgement, and accepting that some teenagers, like all people, are going to be less than our definition of ”perfect” I think there would be a chance for teenagers to discover what and who they want to be, without having to feel bad about themselves. And then maybe my sanity may be long lasting.

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Unimportant headline information

Lesbian couple beat dog’

‘Woman assaults employees’

‘Indian man murders wife’

See anything wrong with these headlines? With one word taken out or changed, it would mean the same thing, without marginalizing a group.

Couple beats dog’

‘Boss assaults employees’

‘Man murders wife’

Why is it that a person’s or group’s sexuality, gender or race need to be in the headline of an article that has nothing to do with their sexuality, gender or race? All this does is gives trolls a chance to come out of their holes and be trolls. ‘X did this, therefor, all X are bad’. It wouldn’t really be a problem if it was in the article (as long as it wasn’t stereotypical, racist, homophobic or sexist), but what makes that information so important that it needs to be the first thing a person sees when they open a newspaper or click on a news link? How does it benefit the reader, or the news distributor?

Wouldn’t it be great if a lesbian couple was just a couple? Wouldn’t it be amazing if a woman or an Indian man was just a person?

I’m not saying that what these people did wasn’t wrong, but having their ethnicity, gender or sexuality in the headline is silly, and not very good journalism.

A person is a person, a couple is a couple, a group is a group.

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Looking bad from all angles

I saw this story on stuff news:


This is absolutely atrocious, that a doctor used his medical knowledge to drug a woman so he could force himself upon her.

The next day the doctor told her about the episode as he remembered it, claiming alcohol played a major part but she did not accept it.

Brilliant. The tired old excuse: She was drunk. Being drunk doesn’t give anyone the right to rape anybody! If someone is drunk, they can’t give consent, and in this case, she was drugged against her will, not drunk.

She said after a meal and wine, she sat down with the doctor, and his partner at the time, to watch a movie.

Shortly afterwards his partner went to their bedroom just a few metres from the lounge.

The complainant said that before the end of the film the doctor made a pass at her. “He leaned over to kiss me and I said: `Don’t do that, get away. What are you doing?”‘ she said.

She had already signaled that she didn’t want to have sex, she didn’t want to be touched or kissed at all. So the doctor drugged her. This shows a really, really bad atatude from the doctor, that he felt that he could try and kiss her against her will, and when she protested, drugged her to get his way.

Defence counsel Thomas Sutcliffe described the case as “unusual” because his client had a completely different version of events.

How does that make it unusual? Of course the doctor has a different version of the events!

…the doctor, who has name suppression for the duration of the trial…

Name suppression? I wonder if he would have gotten name suppression if he didn’t have a well-paid job.

This is a horrible story. I can’t imagine the pain this woman is going through, being drugged and raped while she had no way of denying him. Please, please don’t let this man get away with it.

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Do somethink!

What is it with adding a ‘k’ at the end of words that should be ‘ing’? The words that are usually robbed of their ‘g’ and replaced with a ‘k’ are something (somethink), anything (anythink), and everything (everythink). Just some general pronunciation grumbling. Even news reporters are doing it.

Grumble grumble. Mutter mutter.

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Nightmare come true drug

A new drug is the subject of a news article on the ‘Ninemsn’ page. The one that comes up when you log out of your hotmail account.

'Dream come true' drug

A drug that takes your weight away. Why? Why would a website promote a drug that shames bodies? How is it a ‘dream come true’? Why would you pressure people into buying a product that is probably no good for them? How can ‘diet’ and ‘nutrition’ be in the same category? A bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think? Why can’t people accept themselves and others the way they are?

In a world full of body hating, we don’t need a ‘dream drug’. We need a new mind set.


Sorry, no link. I lost the page after taking the picture.

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