New school. Again.

This blog started when Lessonstobelearned462 was new at high school. My turn now! I am moving into high school.

I am mostly looking forward to being a high school girl. I think it will give me a lot more independence, and control over my own learning. But I am not looking forward to the first day, the getting lost, the meeting new people, and the teachers I have never met before. I think that if I could just magically arrive two weeks into term with new friends, knowing all the school customs and carrying a map of the school in my head, it would be great. And nice and easy. Unfortunately, this seems a little unlikely, unless someone manages to invent a time machine between now and next week. Bummer.

Anyway, off to high school. Wish me luck!


About Ursa

Ursa is a teenager who is a feminist, and doesn't like stereotypes about ages. She likes reading and 'The Gilmore Girls' and is owned by her cat.
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