Hello and Welcome

This post is pretty much explained by the tittle, it is just an opportunity to say hello to all our potential readers (who will hopefully remain our readers by the end of this post) and to say welcome to the site that we have launched. So, hello! And welcome!

The two authors of this blog are Lessons to be learned (who has her own blog going by the same name) and Ursa (who just moved from iheartpie462). 

Our blog is going to be about a lot of different things, mainly whatever we want to write about, although there are several subjects that will continue to appear on our blog. These will probably include feminism, stereotypes, book reviews, music, movies, politics, and maybe minecraft. So we hope to be full of surprises.

If you are interested in anything or everything listed above, be sure to stop by, we love company.


About Lessons to be Learned

I'm a teenager, who is entering a new phase in her life, [high school] and is desperately trying to learn everything she can, about everything she can, [starting with how to blog] and hopefully, will be able to share my experiences with you.
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One Response to Hello and Welcome

  1. Deborah says:

    Brilliant! I’m looking forward to reading what both of you write here.

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